Implementing A Night Routine

Recently I’ve been working on implementing a night routine. More for myself than Aidan, I’ve been pretty consistent with him, but in becoming consistent with him I’ve lost all consistency with myself.
I’m trying to narrow down what works best for me at night. Of course, I’ve added the obvious brushing my hair, teeth, and bathing. Also adding in some household chores, prepping for the next day, and trying to relax. I’m starting to figure out what’s working best, but I always find some reason to give up, usually bullshit, but I let it stop me nevertheless. But not any more.
Here’s high hopes that I can begin with consistency in my night routine and work my way into consistency in other parts of my life. I’m one week in and it feels amazing. I’m not giving up yet!
Do you procrastinate as bad as I do? If so how do you battle it?


3 Extra Perks of Breastfeeding

These answers exclude all of the obvious perks to breastfeeding like health benefits.
1. Middle of the night convenience. I didn’t have to get up and warm the water to make the bottle or try to sleepily gather his bottles together without making a mess or doing it wrong. The simplicity of waking and pulling out my boob was probably my favorite perk of breastfeeding. I have always been one who loved extra sleep so not having to spend more time preparing his bottles in the middle of the night was amazing!
2. Less cleanup. As long as I was with Aidan and fed him straight from me, I had less bottles to clean. Who doesn’t love less dishes? Now that Aidan is older and is drinking whole milk I have so much more to clean in terms of bottles whether he’s drinking it or I’m packing it up for his time with Mimi or Grandma. I miss the days when I didn’t have 3-5 bottles to wash a day.
3. Less to pack when we go out. While other mothers had to pack bottles with premeasured water and premeasured formula for the duration they planned to go out. With breastfeeding I had to take a few diapers, maybe a change of clothes, a blanket and Aidan. It was easy to gather it all when we needed to quickly get out the door or were going somewhere carrying around a large diaper bag was not an option.
Like most, I was more attempting breastfeeding for the health benefits to Aidan and the bond it created between us, but I can’t deny each of these points made breastfeeding that much better for me.
Did you breastfeed or formula feed? What were the extra perks for you?

Mentally preparing for a fight.

That didn’t happen…

I’ve had several moments since I’ve had Aidan where I’ve attempted to let my feelings be known and I’ve sat and reworded the same sentence at least 20 times, but still end up hurting someone’s feelings and getting yelled at. So I’ve started letting some things simmer, hoping it doesn’t boil over. Attempting to think about it and whether or not it’s even worth mentioning, but you come to a point that you can’t hold it in any longer, or it’s important enough to share.

I came to that point this last week with the same person that always takes what I say or do a way I don’t intend. I did what I normally do and sat and reworded the same paragraph for probably 10 minutes until I thought it would have to do.

While impatiently awaiting a response I began mentally preparing myself for a fight later. Running through things that may be said and the response I’ll give. Thinking about it now I realize how crazy that sounds.

Why do I prepare myself for a fight that I don’t want to happen? Is there a part of me that enjoys the chaos, the drama? All I know is I don’t enjoy harboring bad feelings, especially doing it to myself for no reason.


My first happy mail package.

For my birthday my dad gave me $100 to spend and I decided to use it on my first order! For days I was overly excited awaiting my package of carpe diem planner goodies.


With my recent love of all things planner related it should be no surprise that everything I bought had something to do with planner products. I’ve been looking into carpe diem products basically since I really started diving into the planner world, but had yet to have purchased any of the items I’d truly had interest for because of still being in the diy mood. But when I came across the following items, I fell in love and couldn’t help myself.

I can’t say I’ve figured out  exactly what I’m going to do with the paper pads just yet, but I have started using the say cheese collection for my current planner set up.

preview (2)

I still keep it quite simplistic, with a dot grid page in the center to hold daily to-do’s, but it’s doing the job and while I’m still far from planner peace I’m getting closer and closer to figuring out exactly what could hold planner peace for me.

The paper is smooth and while my stamps do shadow sometimes they don’t bleed through.

I haven’t used all the products so I can’t really give a review, but I am so excited to explore some premade planner supplies because so far besides my planner and stamps, I’ve done mostly everything by myself.


Meal planning and starting a new budget.

I’ve been overspending on groceries for the past month or so and I’ve really enjoyed keeping a variety of items leaving us able to throw together a dinner on a whim, but I’m getting to the point that we’re looking like we hoard food.

For the next few weeks I want to do a pantry challenge to empty out what we have and save most of the money from our grocery budget to really start monthly meal planning and to change around our budget a little. So I haven’t had to truly go grocery shopping to prepare for the upcoming week, I just gathered meal options from what we already have here at home.

This week’s dinner meal plan:­

 ~Mini corn dogs with fries.
­ ~Pork chops with corn and green beans.
­ ~Tuna helper.
­ ~Loaded baked potato chicken casserole.
­ ~Taco Tuesday.
­ ~Chicken alfredo.
­ ~Breakfast for dinner.

In house we still have more ground beef, pork chops, ribs, chicken wings, chicken breast, kielbasa, chicken thighs and chuck roast we can use to make lunch’s or switch out meats for dinners. As for sides, we have mac and cheese, baked beans, peas, carrots, green beans, and corn. I’m left with the ability to switch out whole meals if I’m just not feeling it for the day.

But I do need to go pick up some fruits and veggies for Aidan this week, all I have left is cuties, a tomato, and carrots. While he does have a wide variety baby foods,  Aidan has been really enjoying feeding himself for the past few weeks and doesn’t have, I guess you could say the patience, for us to really feed him anymore. I’ve bought reusable food pouches initially for on the go and he sucks the whole 4 ounces out in under a minute. So I’ve been attempting to keep a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables in the house. Seems like a simple task and for most it is, but my fiancé often doesn’t know what we have at home or forgets and doesn’t look and I don’t like as wide of a variety of fruits/veggies as I should. We’ve wasted more fresh fruits and veggies than I’d even like to mention.

Let’s see if these next few weeks I can stick to my goals. Hopefully in the next month or so I’ll have a new system in place for grocery shopping and budgeting.


More creativity, less of an angry me.

I sometimes have a hard time with my love for technology and paper because of my desire to have as much as I can contained in one place, so for months I’ve gone back and forth between typing up journal entries to writing them down and keeping everything in my planner. Having recently bought a new laptop I’ve been really trying to find some balance between my need/want for a planner and this fancy new laptop I’ve bought.

While I don’t think I’ve quite balanced everything I’m evening out more and more each day. Using my planner for more to do lists, planning things out, whether that be the week, meals, and also just lists in general. I have my whole planner full and I’ve probably started a list for every category of life.
I’m still using my computer to type some journal entries and watch youtube videos and things of the sort. But I’ve also been really creating my own planner inserts and designing some stickers to use and slowly getting more accustom to the software and what I’m trying to use it for.

Personal Monthly Kit

This has been the biggest creative outlet for me recently and I’ve been in a much better mood daily since I started doing it. I can’t wait until we move around the house and I have my own little area to explore this more.

Baby’s first sickness.

While I say his first real sickness we’re still not 100% on what was really bothering him. I was thinking his ears because he was playing with them more and avoiding sleep making him crankier. The biggest part worrying me was him not wanting to eat his solids. Aidan loves food, basically anything we’ve ever gave him he ate, unless he was full. But we went to the doctor the second day he was feeling so bad and running a fever and while the doctor said his ear’s weren’t bad, they were only okay, she said to just monitor him and if it got worse to bring him back in.
His fever hasn’t really come back since this past Sunday, but he’s still not been eating like normal and been sleeping longer periods. Last night he went to sleep like he normally would for his third little nap around 6 and stayed asleep until 730 this morning. While that’s not too much longer than normal. He’d usually go to bed at 9, after eating one last time, and wake up at roughly 6 to eat even if he went back to sleep until around 9.
Nobody warned me before getting pregnant that I would be in a constant state of worry after having a baby over one thing or another… He’s almost fully back to normal, but still a little off. I just want my baby to be back to 100%.