Our Story

Since my parents split up when I was little I lived with my mother and stayed with my dad on weekends & summers. Well, it all ‘started’ the summer before my freshman year. I had a few friends at my dads house & they introduced me to other people. One way or another I was introduced to this girl Sarah & this younger boy named Austin. Me, Sarah, Austin, and a few others hung out almost every night on Austin’s grandmother’s porch. This is where I was introduced to Alex. At first Alex was dating Sarah. It was a weird on & off relationship. When it finally was coming to an end, Sarah asked me to tell Alex for him. I did while also telling him how bad I felt about it. We started talking more after that. We then started hanging out more and more. One day, January 10th, 2010 to be exact, we hung out just walking around. Alex had already told me he was going to ask me out the next time we hung out in person, but I didn’t in all reality take him serious. We walked up to the dollar store, he bought me some chips, & on our way back he nonchalantly said “I forgot what I was gonna say, oh yeah, you wanna go out?” It wasn’t necessarily the sweetest ask, but I said yes. It continued on from there. & I fell for him, & fast. & now we’ve been together for about 2 & a half years & I’d say we’re both dedicated to make it last even longer. We’re that one of a kind high school soul mate kinda love. ♥ *knock on wood*
Alexander: January 10th, 2010 ♥

I wrote this a few years back, but everything still applies.


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