Implementing A Night Routine

Recently I’ve been working on implementing a night routine. More for myself than Aidan, I’ve been pretty consistent with him, but in becoming consistent with him I’ve lost all consistency with myself.
I’m trying to narrow down what works best for me at night. Of course, I’ve added the obvious brushing my hair, teeth, and bathing. Also adding in some household chores, prepping for the next day, and trying to relax. I’m starting to figure out what’s working best, but I always find some reason to give up, usually bullshit, but I let it stop me nevertheless. But not any more.
Here’s high hopes that I can begin with consistency in my night routine and work my way into consistency in other parts of my life. I’m one week in and it feels amazing. I’m not giving up yet!
Do you procrastinate as bad as I do? If so how do you battle it?


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