My first happy mail package.

For my birthday my dad gave me $100 to spend and I decided to use it on my first order! For days I was overly excited awaiting my package of carpe diem planner goodies.


With my recent love of all things planner related it should be no surprise that everything I bought had something to do with planner products. I’ve been looking into carpe diem products basically since I really started diving into the planner world, but had yet to have purchased any of the items I’d truly had interest for because of still being in the diy mood. But when I came across the following items, I fell in love and couldn’t help myself.

I can’t say I’ve figured out  exactly what I’m going to do with the paper pads just yet, but I have started using the say cheese collection for my current planner set up.

preview (2)

I still keep it quite simplistic, with a dot grid page in the center to hold daily to-do’s, but it’s doing the job and while I’m still far from planner peace I’m getting closer and closer to figuring out exactly what could hold planner peace for me.

The paper is smooth and while my stamps do shadow sometimes they don’t bleed through.

I haven’t used all the products so I can’t really give a review, but I am so excited to explore some premade planner supplies because so far besides my planner and stamps, I’ve done mostly everything by myself.



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