Meal planning and starting a new budget.

I’ve been overspending on groceries for the past month or so and I’ve really enjoyed keeping a variety of items leaving us able to throw together a dinner on a whim, but I’m getting to the point that we’re looking like we hoard food.

For the next few weeks I want to do a pantry challenge to empty out what we have and save most of the money from our grocery budget to really start monthly meal planning and to change around our budget a little. So I haven’t had to truly go grocery shopping to prepare for the upcoming week, I just gathered meal options from what we already have here at home.

This week’s dinner meal plan:­

 ~Mini corn dogs with fries.
­ ~Pork chops with corn and green beans.
­ ~Tuna helper.
­ ~Loaded baked potato chicken casserole.
­ ~Taco Tuesday.
­ ~Chicken alfredo.
­ ~Breakfast for dinner.

In house we still have more ground beef, pork chops, ribs, chicken wings, chicken breast, kielbasa, chicken thighs and chuck roast we can use to make lunch’s or switch out meats for dinners. As for sides, we have mac and cheese, baked beans, peas, carrots, green beans, and corn. I’m left with the ability to switch out whole meals if I’m just not feeling it for the day.

But I do need to go pick up some fruits and veggies for Aidan this week, all I have left is cuties, a tomato, and carrots. While he does have a wide variety baby foods,  Aidan has been really enjoying feeding himself for the past few weeks and doesn’t have, I guess you could say the patience, for us to really feed him anymore. I’ve bought reusable food pouches initially for on the go and he sucks the whole 4 ounces out in under a minute. So I’ve been attempting to keep a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables in the house. Seems like a simple task and for most it is, but my fiancé often doesn’t know what we have at home or forgets and doesn’t look and I don’t like as wide of a variety of fruits/veggies as I should. We’ve wasted more fresh fruits and veggies than I’d even like to mention.

Let’s see if these next few weeks I can stick to my goals. Hopefully in the next month or so I’ll have a new system in place for grocery shopping and budgeting.



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