More creativity, less of an angry me.

I sometimes have a hard time with my love for technology and paper because of my desire to have as much as I can contained in one place, so for months I’ve gone back and forth between typing up journal entries to writing them down and keeping everything in my planner. Having recently bought a new laptop I’ve been really trying to find some balance between my need/want for a planner and this fancy new laptop I’ve bought.

While I don’t think I’ve quite balanced everything I’m evening out more and more each day. Using my planner for more to do lists, planning things out, whether that be the week, meals, and also just lists in general. I have my whole planner full and I’ve probably started a list for every category of life.
I’m still using my computer to type some journal entries and watch youtube videos and things of the sort. But I’ve also been really creating my own planner inserts and designing some stickers to use and slowly getting more accustom to the software and what I’m trying to use it for.

Personal Monthly Kit

This has been the biggest creative outlet for me recently and I’ve been in a much better mood daily since I started doing it. I can’t wait until we move around the house and I have my own little area to explore this more.


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