Baby’s first sickness.

While I say his first real sickness we’re still not 100% on what was really bothering him. I was thinking his ears because he was playing with them more and avoiding sleep making him crankier. The biggest part worrying me was him not wanting to eat his solids. Aidan loves food, basically anything we’ve ever gave him he ate, unless he was full. But we went to the doctor the second day he was feeling so bad and running a fever and while the doctor said his ear’s weren’t bad, they were only okay, she said to just monitor him and if it got worse to bring him back in.
His fever hasn’t really come back since this past Sunday, but he’s still not been eating like normal and been sleeping longer periods. Last night he went to sleep like he normally would for his third little nap around 6 and stayed asleep until 730 this morning. While that’s not too much longer than normal. He’d usually go to bed at 9, after eating one last time, and wake up at roughly 6 to eat even if he went back to sleep until around 9.
Nobody warned me before getting pregnant that I would be in a constant state of worry after having a baby over one thing or another… He’s almost fully back to normal, but still a little off. I just want my baby to be back to 100%.


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