The Start of Our Monthly Meal Planning.

Recently I’ve been getting into monthly meal planning and grocery shopping, so much so that this past month Alex and I bought a Sam’s membership. After a few days of on and off planning, looking up recipes and what ingredients to buy in bulk we went to Sam’s and purchased enough meat to last throughout the rest of February and all of March. Also buying things like Gatorade, beef ravioli, canned vegetables, etc.
This was about two weeks ago and I have to say I’m truly enjoying only having to pick up the perishables from the store, if that. While I can’t truly say we’ve seen the money saved because a few times we’ve went to the store in our snacky moods and still bought much more than I’d like. For convenience though it is much easier to quickly run into a store and pick up a few simple items with Aidan (9 months old) than to take and try to entertain him while picking up a whole week’s worth of food.
I’m already slowly starting to gather dinner options, as they come to mind, for April. Weirdly enough I truly enjoy planning out meals. I’m just going to run with it.
Any advice to a new monthly meal planner is definitely welcome. I’m still trying to figure out what all would be good to pick up at Sam’s, but I’m happy with our start to monthly planning.


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