Making Progress

As the weeks pass I’m beginning to use my planner more and more and I’m so excited to be able to say that. My motivation is increasing day by day allowing me to check off almost every item on my to do list. My planner in reality is just serving its purpose, but I’ve been planning for about two years now and just recently started successfully doing so.
Keeping up with cleaning is something I’ve always struggled with. I’d rather do most anything else.. But recently, the night before, I’ve been creating my to do list and creating a weekly cleaning list, both of which I’ve been completing more of. I’m not positive whether it’s enjoying creating my own inserts, doodling out my plans, or what exactly it could be, but I’m going to run with it.
Hopefully it sticks and all the time and energy I’m placing into my planner will pay off. I’m not letting my hopes get too high just yet though, I still have plenty to overcome.


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