To the customer who apparently misunderstood me:

You simply wanted some ice and I understood what you were asking for all I was trying to do was inform you that I could give it to you in a cup or in the bag we have for our salads. I was NOT trying to be rude and I never asked what you needed the ice for, because I honestly couldn’t of cared less. I was simply just letting you know what we have so you could decide whether you wanted just a cup or a bag.
It was so unnecessary for you to hold up the drive thru to telling me to “get a manager, now”. Just to tell them how much you spend at our restaurant, how you shouldn’t need to tell me you needed the ice for a urine sample, and getting all rude like I cut off your pinkie toe.
I’m so sorry if I came across as if I was being rude, that wasn’t my intent, but I don’t appreciate how rude you were, and the people behind you didn’t appreciate their food getting cold while you bitched about something you were getting for free.
Also, if you thought you were going to get me in trouble, you didn’t, because I didn’t do anything wrong.
Hope your ice melted and your urine sample got warm. Have a wonderful day!


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