Stressed out and rambling.

We have had our apartment complex work on our ac 3 times now since Aidan was born… And yet I have it set at 70 and it’s 77 in our apartment…

Living on the 3rd floor I expect it to be maybe a couple degrees off, but this is getting ridiculous and our electric bill is often more than my mom’s 4 bedroom house. That’s ridiculous.

I’m so ready to move out of this place, but so not ready to have less than half the space I have here, and to be living with my in-laws. I’m not the easiest of people to live with and I already feel like Alex and I are going to be confined to a small room that’ll barely fit our bed and clothes.

Ugh, I’m rambling now, but I’m so stressed about almost everything I’m surprised my hair hasn’t started falling out.



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