Last Minute Goals Before Delivery.

I am and always have been, a procrastinator, I consider it one of my biggest flaws and it is the reason I am 37 1/2 weeks pregnant and I still have so much to get done before my son arrives. I’m not proud of this, but I can’t pretend I’m accomplishing more than I am.
First to get done, is to finalize our hospital bags. I’ve been taking advice from friends and family, watching YouTube videos and even asking myself what I think I’ll need, but I still don’t have a set in stone bag that we’ve placed in the car. Time to stop being indecisive! I may just knowingly over-pack just telling myself it’s better to be over-prepared and not need something than under-prepared and not have what we need. Right?
After packing our bags we need to pack up the car. One of the simplest of tasks, yet it’s not completed, but I have my list:
☞our hospital bags
Those two are the most important because both we’re capable of doing ourselves, but this last item that I still consider very important is to have our ac fixed. It’s only truly been HOT where we live for about a week, but when turning on our ac we’d realized it only seemed to have raised the temperature. Only by a few degrees, but when it’s 80 degrees out and you’re pregnant it feels like it’s 110. We can’t have an over-heated apartment with an infant!
Now that I’ve determined our goals, it’s time to accomplish them! I may write is down or leave some notes hanging EVERYWHERE!


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