I’m the asshole.

Made myself feel like an asshole today, a coworker wouldn’t quit ringing on my register instead of her own. It’s not a huge deal, but it’s annoying for her to be on mine everytime I turn around. I would help hand out food for 5 seconds then go back to try and take some orders and there she was again, on my register instead of her own.
She went to ask a manager to switch them because she didn’t like the register she was on and I’m pretty sure he told her it didn’t matter who rang on it as long as money didn’t go missing (because he didn’t care to ever change them).
Truly I was picking on her more than anything when everytime I turned around she was on mine, but she needed to remember she was accountable for her own register and I was accountable for mine and she had to be careful switching every other order like that. But of course when explaining it didn’t come out right so now I feel like the asshole who just didn’t like her.
I know it’s unrealistic for our managers to change the drawers everytime someone goes on break or leaves, we get busy, but some managers will leave the same drawer with 5 different people on it and then shit comes up missing. Especially since everyone thinks they can just ring shit in anywhere they want. No, stop.

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