Disrespectful and Unprofessional.

I’ve always struggled telling people how I feel when they upset me. I mean with Alex and those closer to me that I feel like I can truly talk to, it’s easier for me, but when it comes to being in a position at work when someone has upset me it’s a challenge for me to get the words out.
Now that I’m pregnant and tend to cry every time I’m frustrated or angry I feel it’s even harder. No one wants to take me serious, they want to blame it on my hormones, yes, that’s why I’m crying, but that’s not why I’m upset. And even if my hormones are to blame, that gives you no right to ignore me being upset!
I only bring this up because at work today the shift manager attempted to place me in a position where I just stand there and when I’ve sat down, my GM has yelled at me, so instead I ask to be placed in a position I’m going to be moving. I didn’t like said position before I became pregnant and even less so now because I so easily begin to hurt and get stressed out between standing still and, sad to say it, customers. I go home sore and cranky and that’s not something I am willing to do anymore, but this shift manager continues to place me in this position for the end half of my shift every time she is in charge and gives me an attitude for even asking to be placed somewhere else so when she did so today I became frustrated. I turned around to go to this position, even though I truly wanted to say I need to go home, and I couldn’t help it, tears sprung into my eyes. I pushed them back as best as possible and did stop more from coming, but I was truly upset.
Moments after I’d turned to walk to the position, my GM switched me and someone else, making the shift manager mad. She was walking toward the back, passing me as I walked back to the front and, to herself, said something about me whining. I let it go and walked forward. I understand her being annoyed with her making her line up and our GM just moving people and I even understand her being annoyed with me, but I don’t think it’s okay for her to bitch about it like I’m not standing right there and I think she could’ve talked to me about it.
After ignoring the first comment she later went on to bitch about it to another crew member, twice! I heard her both times, and one time I’m positive she said something to the effect of whining like a little bitch. I’m positive I heard whining and bitch! That’s so unprofessional! Not only should a manager watch her comments, but she shouldn’t be mentioning it to the other crew members!
No, she didn’t mention me by name, but still unprofessional none-the-less. Also, just disrespectful! I’m standing like 4 feet from you and I have ears!!
This specific shift manager has a tendency to speak her mind, even when it’s not necessarily appropriate, which has caused her some problems with the staff. Understandably though, no one wants to work for someone who speaks to them disrespectfully.
Honestly, when I heard her comments I really just wanted to tell her that I heard her and I don’t appreciate her talking about me, four feet to my left, but instead I just kept to myself only mentioning it to some of the crew members. One because she saw the tears in my eyes, the other because I wanted to know if this manager mentioned me by name when she was telling her about the whining crew. (Also, as a side note, when not in charge and placed in a position she doesn’t like, this manager bitches and moans more that I have the entire time I’ve been working at my job.)
I just wish I wasn’t such a non-confrontational person and I could truly speak my mind, when necessary.
Thanks for listening to another one of my rambles and if there is any advice you can give me that may help me become better at speaking my mind, I’m all ears!


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