My 3d Ultrasound Experience.

The weekend before last mother-in-law paid for us to have a 3d/hd ultrasound and although I enjoyed what we did get to see of him I was disappointed at the same time. Our son was being quite stubborn, I’m pretty sure he is NOT a morning person (just like his momma, haha 😊), and didn’t want to really move for the technician. I can’t say that it’s all her fault, but I was disappointed that, especially for the cost, she didn’t try harder!
There were definitely some neat moments, including watching him blink and he even stuck his tongue out, but she didn’t get pictures with any of these. The pictures she did get were all blurry, if they were even truly filled in and kind of hard to tell what you’re looking at and of the 6 pictures included in the package my mother-in-law paid for, we received two of the same picture.
Also, with the pictures, the package description stated that within 48 hours we’d receive a link to the rest of the pictures taken where we could “share and print your baby’s first pictures”. I assumed we would be able to print them off ourselves just by the wording, but of course the company name was watermarked in the middle of each photograph, although truly that didn’t matter with all the pictures being hard to really tell what was happening.
What did matter is that I didn’t receive the link for almost a week after the pictures and I had to call not once, but twice, days apart, before being told that they had some trouble uploading the photos. I wouldn’t have been so annoyed if I wasn’t already disappointed with the pictures I was given or they had emailed or called or something to tell us what was happening, but instead I was told we would receive the link in an hour and didn’t hear back until I called again, days later.
I don’t want to go on ranting. I’m trying to remember that my son was being stubborn but, in the end, I was disappointed in the service we were given for the $250 my mother-in-law spent.


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