As time quickly passes.

My pregnancy has gone by so fast… It feels like just last week I was taking the test, well I should more say four tests. Alex had bought me a box with two after I’d said I was waiting on my period, I thought I was crazy, it being 4 in the morning, after I’d just woken up, I thought my eyes were messing with me. Later, on my way home from work I picked up one more box of tests and took those two as well. Some may think I’m crazy for taking so many, but before I went to the doctor or even told my family I wanted to feel at least 75% positive. Ironically, this all happened the week Alex and I moved into our apartment and I had just taken on a new position at work, that I later requested to give up for the time being.
Now, here I am 5 months later and approaching all the milestones in my pregnancy. The other day Alex and I created baby registry’s at both Babies R Us and Walmart, I’m happy to have finally really taken a look at baby items. Alex and I’s main choices for bedding came down to Mickey Mouse and Lion King. Knowing I’ve seen a million Mickey Mouse baby items we chose Mickey Mouse hoping it would be easier to find matching items. We both love Disney movies and decided not to limit ourselves to just Mickey Mouse, but Disney as the theme altogether, which is quite alright with me. Next big milestone is the baby shower.
My mom has started all the baby shower planning, but the only thing set in stone is the date. I didn’t want to be 8 months pregnant having the baby shower that would be cutting it close when knowing I have to wash and set up everything, but I think having it at 7 months gives us enough time to at least get washed and set up what he needs, so late March it is. But more goes into planning a baby shower than just a date. I have to decide who to invite, worry about hurting someone’s feelings if I don’t invite them, what games to play, a theme if we decide to use one… I truly didn’t realize how much deciding there would be. I’m too indecisive.
After my baby shower it’s not going to be long before my little man is here. I’m starting to get really excited! I realized that while in the baby stores wanting to buy everything and imagining using it. I can’t wait until my son arrives.
As always, I love you little one.


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