New Year’s Goals

I am definitely late on this, but I wanted/needed to set goals for myself none the less and I want this blog to be about life in every aspect. Hopefully posting my goals will put more pressure on me to be dedicated to achieving these goals.

1.Focus on Alex and I’s family, our progression and our happiness.

I spend more of my time, more than I’d even like to admit, worrying about others and their problems. This year I want to focus on my little family, doing everything Alex and I can to achieve our goals in life while still maintaining happiness.

2. Go back to school, this may sound weird to some, but I miss it.

Sometime this year I’d like to go back to school. I don’t necessarily care what it is I’m going to study, but I want deeply to learn anything new.

3. Get an idea on what I want for mine and my families future.

So far Alex and I have started getting our ideas about what we’d like for our lives, but this year I want us to really gather a plan. Although, I don’t want us rushing into anything, I do think we could push ourselves a little harder to get started.

4. Smile more.

This is important to me and after my first goal, this may sound redundant, but I’ve let the silliest things keep me from being happy and enjoying life. I’m tired of being upset and unhappy when I have so many reasons to enjoy life.

5. Put more focus/energy into becoming healthier, for myself and my child.

This is something I’ve said throughout my entire pregnancy. Even before my pregnancy, if I’m being honest and as far as grocery shopping goes I began taking the steps necessary to achieve this goal, but the steps after often get tossed aside. I’ve had every intention of eating healthier, I’ve even tried to set small goals, knowing myself and knowing I’m not going to give up every unhealthy thing day one. But yet, I’m constantly letting myself down. This year I plan to find some way to finally achieve this goal, even if it is only step by step and I haven’t gotten myself exactly where I’d like by next year.

My next step after posting this is to create and print an appealing paper for me to post somewhere I’ll look at every day. Giving myself no excuse not to work on my goals.



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