5 facts about Chloe


1. Chloe is energetic. While Alex and I are at work, she spends her days at my mother in laws. In the morning Chloe and my in-laws smaller dogs, Ronnie and Rico, run up and down their hallway until one or the other give up. She later spends hours in the backyard running the fence and barking with the neighbors dog. Yet, even after all this she still has energy and plays with her favorite toy, a rubber squeaking pig, with my mother in law.
->On a side note I’m grateful to my mother in law for burning off some of Chloe’s energy while I’m at work. Being pregnant I’m often exhausted after work, even if I didn’t work very hard and when I come home I just want to relax. Chloe being a little worn out makes this easier on me, often she’ll lay down when we get home and nap even if I don’t.
2. Chloe is a people dog. What I mean by this is that she grows stronger attachments to people than any other dog I’ve had. If she’s grown an attachment to you she will go crazy spinning, jumping excitedly showing you how much she missed you and doesn’t stop until you pick her up and let her say hello.
3. Chloe is loving. This is one of both my favorite and least favorite of her characteristics. Chloe’s favorite way of showing her affection is with kisses. Don’t get me wrong, if she’s not licking in my mouth I can handle a few kisses, but Chloe is determined to continue showing how much she loves you… Even after asking and then telling her to stop.
4. Chloe is protective. For all the people she loves Chloe feels the need to protect them and their home. She does this by barking at people walking past whether it be the house she’s in or we’re walking. She also barks at strange noises & doorbells/knocking on TV or otherwise.
5. Chloe is smart. She quickly learns new things. Spending time with my in-laws dogs she quickly go out of her habit of going to the bathroom inside and even learned how to tell you she has to go. Something I, as a first time true pet owner, didn’t know how to teach her, since my parents did all the training before I’d gotten Chloe.
I’ve also noticed her intelligence when we’re driving and she notices landmarks. I know this sounds crazy to say, but when we’re getting close, usually around the corner, to a place she knows well including our apartment, my dads, in-laws and even my Aunt Tonya’s.
My Aunt Tonya actually had Chloe before I did, but we don’t often go to her house so it amazes me that she continues to know my Aunts house. Driving up there for my cousins birthday party last summer, when we arrived, Chloe actually jumped out of my car and tried running for the house almost as soon as I stopped.
Some people view dogs as just pets, but if you truly spend enough time with your pets, you notice some of their personality characteristics. I enjoy seeing the differences between my amazing and adorable little pup and our families pups.

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