23 down, 17 to go.

11-23 Week Bump Gif.gif

This pregnancy has taken me through so many emotions so far and I can’t tell you whether I’m more excited or terrified for what the future and the rest of this pregnancy holds for me. I know, physically, I’m capable of almost everything pregnancy will throw at me, but emotionally I feel overwhelmed.

I’ve been excited that I was given the blessing of being a mother and bringing another person into the world, but I’m also overwhelmed with the ideas of being a bad parent, not being able to truly provide for my son, and all of the things currently going on in my life and I feel I’ve hit the point in my pregnancy where my hormones are starting to take over.

One moment I could be happy and excited and the next I feel depressed and overwhelmed. I wouldn’t take back being pregnant for the world, but I wish I could just be happy and enjoy the whole experience. Why does an experience so beautiful come with emotions so sour?

If anyone has any advice as to how to avoid depressing thoughts, I’m all ears.


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