My First Ever Kikki K Haul

This past year I’ve really gotten into planning after somehow coming across a couple of plan with me videos on YouTube and just continuing to watch them. I’d bought Xyron creative station and began fooling around with making my own stickers. I’d made a look alike Erin Condren weekly sheet and enjoyed exploring my creativity. In the end, I gave up and bought a Plum Paper Family planner and continuing to explore.

December lead me to stamps. It’s challenging to put a number of colors into stamps the way you can stickers, but I loved the idea of being able to travel with these stamps and enjoy their simplicity in planning. Not even a week after I received my first sets of stamps I ordered more, all from Sweet Stamp Shop, so I could have a variety of stamps for a variety of uses.

Seeing the wide variety of planners used, I looked into almost everyone. Since coming across the Kikki K planners I remained interested in buying one, but was hesitant because of the price and overseas shipping. Christmas allowed me to take the plunge and place my first order after receiving money from my in laws who insisted it go to something fun. I was also able to take advantage of the sale they’re having.

Today, I picked up my box with all my goodies.


I’ll be honest, this purchase was more to enable me to get free shipping, but they are adorable and will be used none the less.


These refills were half off as part of their sale. In the future I want to create my own inserts and dividers, but for now I wanted all the extras I could have. But the dividers did arrive bent at the edge of the tabs. This isn’t a huge problem, but with the amount of money I spent in total I can’t say I wasn’t the slightest bit upset.



I love the portability of these items and seeing the uses in Kikki K’s videos I thought it would be useful knowing I will want to plan on the go. The hole punch is the item I am most excited for and I can’t wait to get full use out of it.


If your anything like me you can always find a reason for buying stickers, stationary supplies in general. Honestly it’s something I’m trying to cut back on, but with a new planner comes a new need to personalize and decorate. These kits give the perfect start to making my planner my own. Now I just have to buy more sticky notes for my dashboard.


The designs on this are exactly what the name entails, cute. I’m not intending on using these pages in the practical sense because I already have a planner, but this year I want to get back into writing daily, even if only 3 sentences. I knew the paper would be thin after watching several unboxing videos, but with my purpose for these, I wasn’t worried.


This is one of the items I purchased that was on sale making it all the more tempting. I chose this specific planner considering my love for blue and just enjoying the look of the perforated planners. I’ve never had a leather planner before. I’m enjoying the feel of the planner itself, but it will be an adjustment.

This planner came exactly as I expected, besides the rings. I am disappointed to say that a couple of my rings came with small gaps that I barely noticed. Nothing I can’t live with, but I expected higher quality rings for the price of these planners being almost $100.

Although there were some minor problems I am pleased so far with my first purchase from Kikki k and excited to get full use out of everything I bought.



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