Some of the things I wish I’d known/realized about pregnancy.

• It is beyond amazing feeling our baby move, but no one tells you how strange it feels.
• No one tells you how much pressure a baby, still less than a pound, can put on your bladder.
• Until pregnant you don’t realize the miracles your body performs.
• I’d known the basic symptoms including nausea, body pains, increased sense of smell, but I didn’t know about the constipation.
• Some boss’ treat you as if you’re a nuisance whenever you’ve placed in a position that accentuates body pains and you need to sit down.
• The joy the ultrasound brings when you get to see our child and watch them move for the first time.
• How challenging it is to handle even slight annoyances.
Dec. 28th, 2015 1:45pm

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