Almost 4 months on our own.

We’ve been living on our own in our apartment for almost 4 months now and I don’t know if I can say we’ve truly learned any specifics so far, but I can share some of my pros, cons, and general details.

If I didn’t say I’ve been loving having our own space I’d be omitting one of the best parts of apartment life/living on our own. In our own place we play by our own rules, for the most part. We hold the ability to decorate and set every room up as we please. Honestly, we didn’t have too outrageous of ideas for our rooms, but the option there is a nice touch and I truly love having our own stove and full size fridge. My step mom before has stopped me from cooking at like 9pm when my friend and I had wanted to bake some cookies, she told me it was too late. Now, with my own apartment and stove, I could bake a three tier cake at 3am if I so chose. Even though we don’t cook as often as we’d like we’re enjoying cooking what we want, when we want. Also I’m loving the independence that comes with moving out and paying for things on your own. But having to pay for things on your own can also be looked at in a negative light.

We spend almost $700 just on rent, to just have the ability to hold keys and walk into this place. Then you include this past months electric bill was $120, water at $40 and then we have each of our separate bills including our phone and insurance. Meal planning is another difficult task that comes along with living on your own. Alex and I haven’t done well getting on a schedule meal planning and buying groceries and I see it taking us a good amount of time before we actually get the hang of this. All of this truly. Living on our own and everything involved.

We still haven’t finished unpacking every box or organizing each room, but we are slowly getting things done. I’m realizing we had a large amount of crap between the two of us. Emphasis on crap because we truly could get rid of a lot of it, but everything has its own meaning to one of us so we’re hesitant to get rid of anything so the piles keep getting larger.

One piece of furniture we didn’t have was an entertainment center, besides my old one that was made to sit in the corner of a room and was beat to hell and back. Alex began coming up with his variety of ideas about what we would do to get everything off the floor. Since Alex, recently, has been in a project mood he decided to buy, stain, and put up shelves to put the TV and game consuls on.


We’re still looking to organize better and gather the cords in a more appealing manner, but for now it gets the consuls off the floor and the TV up higher. It serves it’s purpose. This was one piece Alex and I didn’t get to buying before we moved.

Even after my ideas/hopes of gathering all we need for moving out, I’m still finding a variety of things we still need. So we are continuing to gather what we feel are necessities and slowly gaining control of our own life and enjoying our ability to provide for ourselves. We can only get better from here, or at least that’s the hope, right?



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