My First Posted Weekly Spread


I’ve always had some interest in planners. Not necessarily the planning ahead per say, but I loved the idea of having it all written on paper. I think both my mothers interest in education and my dads interest in art make stationary, paper, and most crafting in general one of my passions in a sort.
My friends and family know that when I walk in a store if I pass a pen/paper section I go and look and even though I have more pens than I have use for, I buy more. My fiance sometimes tries to keep me from these particular sections.
After finding planner videos on YouTube my interest was sparked in the world of sticker creation. I wanted to attempt to create my own. After thinking about it, the task seemed simple so I started playing around in word, publisher, and recently the silhouette software. I’ve created three full weeks of spreads with an actual theme of sorts. The first just with digital paper I already had, the one pictured above with digital paper I bought on etsy named red blue yellow medley or something close to that, and my last sticker sheet I finished today is a Grinch theme for Christmas week. I’ve spent hours the past few days online looking for clipart and digital paper for creating more themes because creating these spreads just seemed to give me peace.
It has allowed me to get out of my own head. While planning also, if I actually look at my planner, reminds me of tasks I need to accomplish and could accomplish in the day.
I don’t know if my pregnancy could somehow have some impact in my reigniting interest in this recently, but I’m proud of the progress I have accomplished just this week. The stickers I created before this week, while they were functional weren’t my best work. At least they didn’t make me truly happy. I feel accomplished.
Continuing to explore I have ordered some stamps from Sweet Stamp Shop to play around with and I’m just as excited to see how that turns out.
Thank you for those of you who have stuck with me all the way to the end of my ramblings. When I get too excited and have a lot I want to say it kind of spurs out as if word vomit that even I sometimes don’t understand.


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