Lost, but sure as hell not forgotten.

Today I lost a dear friend of mine.. She was not quite 21 and I’m having some problems really coping with the fact that she’s gone. I just talked to her two days ago and she tagged me in a post yesterday.
I will forever miss her contagious smile, the way she would do anything she could to make someone else happy even if she was having her own problems. She was almost constantly full of life.
Also a talker, I could remember several times when she and I held a conversation that lasted at least an hour. I loved having a friend that I could just talk to, about anything. I do mean anything. She was the one I was first more than comfortable sharing my sex stories. My discomfort, when it happened, she was the one I joked the most about things I didn’t always feel comfortable sharing with other people.
I have others I’m close to, but I don’t ever think I’ll have a connection with anyone like I did with her.
I’m not sure if what happened was an accident or she had decided it was time for her to leave this world. It’s hard to imagine she would choose to leave this world and everyone she has, but she’s in a better place. Whether that’s heaven or just an afterlife of her choosing, I know she will make the best of it.
Mon. Aug. 24th, 2015 3:59pm


2 thoughts on “Lost, but sure as hell not forgotten.

  1. I m sorry for your loss.. ♡ i know how it is to lose a friend.. now you got another angel to look after you and someone to live your life to the fullest for.. :3 hang on and stay positive 🙂

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