Overly Impatient for my new Planner

Recently I’ve been struggling with keeping track of everything that’s swirling around in my mess I happen to call a brain, so I’ve gotten back into writing things down and trying to use a planner. I don’t remember how, but I came across plan with me video’s on YouTube and became more interested in the planner world. I initially tried to just create my own version of the Erin Condren setup, which in my opinion I successfully did, but I don’t have the supplies or knowledge to print out a year’s copies and bind it the way I’d like so I began looking at alternatives.
The planner’s I was truly looking at were the Happy Planner, Erin Condren, and Plum Paper. I became close to buying all three at one time. I loved the price of the Happy Planner, but the binding kind of threw me off. I did like the setup and the quality of the Erin Condren, but went back and forth because of the price. I settled on the Plum Paper planner. Initially I liked the customizability and the price. But I truly love the variety of options they have not only to create custom covers, but the setup on the inside. In the end I went with the family planner, mainly because I love the amount of sections.
Yes, currently it is only my fiancé and I, but you can use those sections in any way you choose. I beginning to really get back into writing and I’m wanting to really get into blogging. So I could label mine schedule, meals, blog, fitness and use the others to decorate and as I feel fit. I think in the end I love the options and the price with customization.
Overly Impatient for my new Planner
So I ordered myself the planner posted above. The simple design appealed to me. Now I am impatiently waiting for a month to pass so I can hold my brand new customized planner in my hands and begin planning. Hopefully organizing my world the best way I know how. I almost literally can’t wait.
Do you use a planner? How do you like to plan?


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