Ways I Reduce Stress

Stress has to be the biggest factor in my life bringing me down. Of course I know, this is the major cause for most, but I thought I would write down how I reduce stress for me to look back on when I truly need it later. Stress for me, recently, has been brought on by fear of the unknown future, my attempt to feel as if everything is the way I’d like, and my inability to hold control over whom I know I need no control over. Here are the ways I’ve found help me reduce some of the stress that scratches at my brain.


Sleep has always been so important to me. I’ve never had a problem sleeping. I’ve slept on the floor of a van and slept on my one plane ride crouched over on the little pull down table on the seat in front of you. I may not always receive the best sleep, but I can always sleep. Not just even just in the worst positions, I could also sleep any number of hours. When I was in school, every weekend I used to sleep for twelve hours.

Sleep like most of the ways I reduce stress allows me to clear my head. To focus on something else for a while, on anything else or just not focus on anything. When I wake, the factors that cause my stress are the last thing on my mind. Sleep is one of life’s simplest pleasures that, in my opinion, some people don’t enjoy enough of.


No one can deny that friends are the few people who choose to love our craziness and aren’t forced to be in the presence of it. My friends listen to me vent anytime I need to, they take my mind off the things I don’t want to watch if that’s the route I chose, they do anything they can to help me feel better, feel calmer, I couldn’t thank them enough for that, but I do what I can by offering to them the same they’ve offered me.


Anyone who has experienced the adrenaline and pure passion of sex knows that when having sex you are focusing on nothing, but how you feel and the person you’re with. If you’ve truly found a companion you care for and feel comfortable enough in your own skin, you could even end up passing out right afterwards. In my opinion, that is bliss. Physically and mentally putting everything you have into sex and being so exhausted it doesn’t even take you 30 seconds to fall asleep, pure bliss.


This is honestly one of my biggest hurdles when it comes to my health. Not only do I eat when I’m hungry, I eat when I’m bored, sad, I’m an emotional eater. The purpose of adding this specific ‘stress reliever’ has a different meaning than the rest of this list. I’m keeping this here as a reminder to myself to avoid continuing bad habits. I know I can keep myself on the right track if I try, but when looking back on this I need to see the bad and the better ways of reducing stress, so not to let myself fall back into bad habits. With this being one of the many bad habits running in my family I need to keep on top of it!

Everyone’s way of coping with stress is different, but it’s always nice to have new ideas to consider when one way is no longer working. For me, when stressed I sometimes just continue letting my stress stir through my mind until my brain almost becomes overcooked and garbage. Keeping a list gives me the ability to look back and run through whatever I can to reduce my stress level.

What do you do to relieve stress? Do you think it’s a good or bad coping mechanism?



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