One of those Worst Days Ever.

Although it had started out okay, I had talked to my general manager about me applying to be a nurse aide and she responded well, today has not been my day. Between a diesel truck purposefully blowing his black exhaust smoke at me through the drive thru window, to fire alarms blaring for thirty minutes and on top of all this my fiancé and one of my best friends moving my car in the parking lot thinking it’s funny. I’ve never been the type of person who actually liked pranks being pulled on me. Alex, Jordon and Brandon already had mentioned pulling pranks on each other and I had told all of them not to pull pranks on me. I don’t know why or what specifically caused my almost hatred of pranks, but I have one.

If I hadn’t have happened to look up at the cameras as they were moving my car, when I walked outside later, I would’ve freaked out. Probably crying and all thinking my car was stolen. Now, yes, Alex had Brandon text me thinking that would make it okay, but sometimes I don’t check my messages while at work. I didn’t see their message until after I’d gotten home. So I’d gotten angry, really angry.

I try to remain calm with them, but I also give a pre-warning that, yes, I am a bitch. I also told them not to prank me though. So hard for me to remain calm when I really hate something and have told someone and they did it anyways.

May 8th, 2015 11:54pm



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