Just Enough Time

So now that I am engaged I can spend all day just looking at wedding dresses and have an excuse. I don’t have too much of an idea of what exactly I want, but I know I want a dress with a train and basically just a long one. For any other occasion I’m a short dress type of gal because I find long dresses uncomfortable. My wedding is the only occasion that a long dress is a must. Just after looking for a short period of time on David’s Bridal this is what I’ve liked the most.

Mikado Fit and Flare Gown

Mikado Fit and Flare Gown with Tulle Skirt $928.00

My favorites about this dress is the black belt and the flare at the bottom, but it doesn’t have quite enough of a train and I don’t know if I want to do a strapless dress just because I don’t want to have to pull it up all night long.

 Allover Lace Tank Sheath with Illusion Back

Allover Lace Tank Sheath with Illusion Back2

Allover Lace Tank Sheath with Illusion Back $1350.00

The design/pattern on this dress has to be my favorite part. I also love the see through back. I feel like it will let me breathe a little. Dancing, and standing somewhere with all my family, friends and Alex’s family and friends will definitely become hot and, with wanting to wear a long dress I know that I’m going to be a little warm, but with the open back I won’t heat up as fast.

Truly Zac Posen Truly Zac Posen 2

Truly Zac Posen $1350.00

Now of all the dresses I’ve looked at so far I think this is my favorite! It has just long enough of a train to make me happy and it has an open back allowing air flow. I love the see through sleeves for the simple reason of the look they add to the dress.

It’s amazing how just looking at a few dresses gives me such clarity on what I want to have. I’m not done looking, but I’m satisfied with the ideas I’ve given myself. I’m going to enjoy getting more ideas as I continue to riffle through every dress I can find for the next few years until we do get settled in and set a date. I’m so excited to plan and I have just enough time to do so.

I have inserted link’s to each gown into the title of each dress. As I previously stated all of these dresses were found on David’s Bridal’s website. I do not own any of these photos.

April 8th, 2015 2:20am


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