Tomorrow night’s plans!

Tomorrow night I get to spend with my girls. All of them, which hasn’t happened in quite awhile. I’m excited even though we still don’t have it set and stone what we are doing. Spending time with them makes everything in life seem so simple. They make me enjoy the simple things in life. We don’t have to do anything in particular we can just sit around together and watch tv and it feels like a good day.
As for what to do tomorrow we initally thought about going to the hookah bar, but when I was talking to Jill asking her if she wanted to go she wanted to do something else. Besides the hookah bar we usually go bowling and although Jill didn’t go, we went last weekend so I’m trying to think of, or find, something else for us to do. I’m now thinking that maybe we could go out to eat and just catch each other up on what’s been happening with us.
Well, it’s 1:30am and I still have to do my little nightly routine before I can goto sleep.
Do you have any plans for this weekend? If so, what do you have planned?


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