Motivated, time to exercise!

Chloe and I

Chloe and I just got home from a mile walk about 10 minutes ago and although I started heavy breathing about half way through it felt good. I felt so motivated to continue and if my feet weren’t already sore from work I would’ve just continued walking. I was so proud of myself because I wanted to walk, I felt motivated to walk.

When I was younger, well a few years ago actually, I used to walk everywhere. My friends and I would walk from home to Walmart (at least 3 miles away) and back just spending hours outside, but ever since Alex and I began driving we haven’t walked near as much as we used to. Us driving is actually probably most of the reason we’ve become kind of inactive. I say kind of because I don’t want to admit, even to myself, that we spend a lot of time indoors and on our butts. I’ve been telling myself for months it’s time I get outside more and stop eating such crap all the time and I have been failing. Mainly from lack of motivation, but that is no good excuse.

I’m so proud of my progress this week because not only have I felt motivated enough to exercise, even if it is just the littlest bit, I’ve also not eaten fries at work all week which happens to be my weakness.. When it comes to food I have several bad habits that I have to try so hard to break. I’m not telling myself that I have to quit all bad habits at once or try to start exercising every day because if I put too much on myself I know that I will fail, but I am setting small goals. First I just want to eat within my calorie range and eat less of the bad and try to exercise at least a couple times a week. Once I have achieved that I will set myself another goal.

After finishing this I am actually going to type and print out my little goals for this year and post it somewhere that I will see it every day so I have a reminder.

April 1st 10:44pm



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