Friends heal the deepest wounds.

So this weekend I spent all of it with my best friends or should I say with my little family. Saturday went to Jordon’s for a few hours and just hung out being our silly selves. A lot of time spent playing with or being sat on by her two pit bulls. They are such sweethearts.

Later that night Jordon, Alex, Kirsten and I went bowling. With a few extra people and it was fun just to all be together again. Then Jordon came over later and stayed the night and we spent the morning with her doing nothing in particular and later getting Brandon and spending time all together.

It amazes me that I can have such a good time and we don’t even have to be doing anything other than spending time with each other. Since I started spending a lot more time with my friends I’m really starting to see a difference in my emotional state. I don’t find myself as depressed and unmotivated. They relieve so much stress or at least allow me to forget it for a little while. It feels good.

I can’t wait until we move in together.



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