Happy & showing it off.


Excuse my dry hands, but I have to say that even two weeks later I’m still in awe over this ring and the fact he actually proposed. I mean he’d told me he was going to, but his opinion on marriage and it’s lack of true meaning with so many that get married getting divorced.. This really means a lot for him to put himself out there like this. I don’t think he could top the commitment he showed me when he proposed, at least for a while.

On another note, I told my coworkers that Alex calls my ring a car, not only because it costs as much, but also because he had two ideas about what to do with his savings and tax return, either buy me a ring or to buy himself a truck. One coworker said for a guy like Alex that is a big step. Although his analogy of Alex was wrong, in the end, he was right, which gave me some more comfort in Alex and I’s future. Another coworker just keeps making cracks about me wearing my car on my finger. She finds a way to put it in almost anywhere. Kind of annoying after the first few times.


Even though telling some people can end in an annoying manner I love sharing this amazing moment with others. I love being able to show off that I’m off the market. I know this could sound bad, but honestly I just love showing it off.

March 21st, 2015 1:47am



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