A different life.

Ever since Alex was promoted to lead, or well lead in training, he leaves early and gets home late. Which, I can’t complain too much because now he’s actually living with me, but he’s gone all the time. We wake up and spend maybe an hour together, then he’s gone. I get home and spend a few hours alone and by the time he gets home it’s almost time for bed. I know it’s silly, especially with us basically living together, but I miss him. I just wish we could be together all the time.

Being together all the time can strain a relationship, but with ours it just feels like we enjoy each other’s presence. At least I know I enjoy his presence and being with him for days on end doesn’t bother me.

On a slightly unrelated note: Weirdly, recently, I’ve been feeling the need to take care of him. I enjoy putting together his lunches and making him food when he gets home from work. I’ve been making sure he’s been eating better, honestly he eats better than I do. It gives me this warm feeling that consumes me.

What is it that makes me feel this way. I actually sometimes consider what it would be like to be a stay at home mother/wife. I’ve never wanted that. I’ve always wanted to provide for myself and not be dependent on anyone, but myself. It didn’t turn out that way. I’m dependent on Alex emotionally and I can’t determine whether I’m okay with that or if it makes me uncomfortable.

Feb. 24th, 2015 1:04am

What do you guys think? What are your opinions on staying at home?



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