Igloo’s and so much more.

Today was a pretty enjoyable day. There was probably a foot of snow on the ground, yet I still found a way to make a day of it. After Alex and I got up we hung out at home for a few hours and then we went and picked up Brandon. Stopped at Walmart on our way back to get gloves to prepare ourselves for the, oh so terrible 30° weather, after having days of either almost 0 or below 0. We ended up staying in Walmart for at least a half an hour. I went ahead and did some of my shopping for the week, bought lunch meat and popcorn chicken.

After that we stopped at Alex’s parents because, of course, Walmart had sold every pair of gloves they had in stock and he knew his parents had at least a pair or two. While we were there, having some casual conversation, Jordon made her way to my house. She happened to beat us there because every time we go to Alex’s parents we end up sitting down and getting comfortable. Although, Alex hasn’t really lived at home for over a month, he’s been at my house so it gives them a little more to talk about.

By the time we arrived at my house Jordon had already began playing Call of Duty: Ghosts, there can’t be a better way to wait on someone than playing video games, at least not in my little family. Jordon made it through one round and was in the middle of the next when she quit for us to enjoy the lovely dinner that my step mom made. Tarzan was on in the living room, right in the middle of the movie but, we watched as we ate our chili and after, started getting ready to go outside. We probably overdressed. At least I did.

2-21-15 Playing in the snow

We decided to take Tyson out to see how he’d enjoy the snow. As soon as we opened the door, Tyson bolted. He hopped around the yard like a bunny almost running in circles. He was so excited and just kept running and eating the snow. I enjoyed watching him. Reece and Chloe don’t enjoy the snow like Tyson. To have a dog that enjoys the snow is truly amazing. Especially with it being his first winter.

Jordon, Brandon, Alex and I just half rolled around in the snow and threw snow balls at each other. It was simple, but amazing. I brought Chloe out after a few minutes and she was happy to be coming outside at first, until she started walking in the snow. The snow was almost to her neck and even though she had a sweater on she was freezing. I let her run around for a few minutes, then Alex took her back inside.

In the backyard we half built snow ball forts then combined our efforts to build an igloo. We didn’t finish, but we did get pretty far using an old kitty litter container that held the dogs toys outside. Our plan is to finish tomorrow and I am excited. I haven’t truly enjoyed being outside, in the snow for years. I always complained because it was just “too cold.” I’m proud of myself for actually going outside and it being my idea.

Feb. 22nd, 2015 1:14am.


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