My insistent little pooch.

Insisting on sitting on me

So I’m just sitting at my desk and she just keeps staring at me from the floor. I would have let her up, but I’m cramping and having trouble getting comfortable and her sitting on me limits the ways I can move. After about 10 minutes of staring at me because she wants on my lap she just decides to jump. If I did not grab her she would have fell right back to the floor so I’m glad I was quick about grabbing her.

I just thought it was so funny how much she wanted to be on my lap…. She never wants to sit on me unless I’m at my desk. I don’t know what it is about me at my desk, but it makes me giggle.


Jan 23rd, 2015



4 thoughts on “My insistent little pooch.

      1. My families boxer does that. I guess it is kind of our fault because we did have him sit with us and on us when he was a small little thing so now he still thinks he can. He’s so cute it’s hard to be mad at him for it. Ha.

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