New Year Resolutions

This is definitely a late start when it comes to New Year Resolutions, but better late than never when it comes to goals to better yourself, right?

Number One on my list is to get healthier. This is probably going to be a challenge for me, actually, most of my resolutions are going to be hard on me because I’ve become set in my ways. Further set than I’d even hoped, but for everything I want in life, I need to be healthy. At my tip top shape. I may not be hoping for a child right this second, but I am hoping for one in the future and health will play an important part in my ability to conceive. Not only conceiving, but I also want to breast feed and being healthy in that sense is for my child only. They will be getting nutrients from my body and without a healthy diet they will be as unhealthy as I. I don’t wish that upon my own child.

The next goal I have is to workout. Working out and getting healthy go together in a way. I’m not aiming for a 6-pack, but I would like to be able to run and play with my nieces and the other young members of my family like I used to before I began sitting on my butt all day.

Number Three is an important one not to my health and living necessarily, but to my life as in what I do with it. I want to actually take my nurse aide certification test and pass. I know I’m capable of doing this, but my feat of screwing up has kept me from registering for the test. Yet, this is something I want to do! Time to push past my fears and do it!

Lastly I want to start a nurse aide job. This is the next step I have planned to try and figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. If, after getting into my nurse aide job, I find that I really enjoy it I can take the step after and start nursing classes. I’m not giving up on hopes. They may not have a specific career held in them, but certain standards I’ve set with a little wiggle room.

These are just my main goals for the year. I also plan to have at least a few smaller short term goals in between.

Jan. 7th 2015 10:21pm



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