Curiosity increased creativity.

Double Braid

Today, for my hair style for work, I did this ‘weird’ braid. I call it weird because I’ve never seen anyone else do anything of the sort. Out of curiosity, in trying to create something different to do with my hair I tried this.

This braid in reality, is simple, but looks complicated. I pulled my hair up into a ponytail, separated the ponytail into three sections as if I was going to braid, braided each of those sections and then braided the braided sections together.

I received several compliments on my braid and questions of how I did it at work today. This actually surprised me because when it comes doing my hair, besides straightening and half ass curling, I am a novice at doing my hair.

Feeling good about trying something other’s didn’t think to try I thought I’d share. Maybe you will find this as simple and cute as I did.

-A.Brooke ❀

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