Letting go for the better.

The other day I happened across an old friend’s blog. The reason we were ‘old friends’ is because we stopped talking after an argument we had, an argument that led me to hold onto such anger. I realized just how much after I ran into her blog and began reading on and on about her happiness traveling and I caught myself rolling my eyes and filling with such a horrible feeling. It’s been months since this girl and I had our argument, yet I still had so much pent up anger.

I decided then and there that it was enough and time to let it go. Not saying I was wrong in any way because my point of view still stands, but I’m not holding onto something so hard I’m letting it hold me back. So I posted on one of her posts stating that I’m happy that she is doing good, and I am. No matter what happened I still truly care for this girl. She was basically family and you can’t just forget that.

Later she messaged me her new number and we’ve been talking ever since. It feels good to have let it go. Our relationship may never get back to the way it was, but to not be the girl putting her grudge over enjoying life just opens me up.



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