Keep Quiet and Move Up

Prompt #36: You accidentally get a coworker fired and receive a promotion the next day.

Alissa was at work doing her usual crew duties when she finds $100 on the floor. She was shocked. How often does one find that much just laying around? Turning the money in to the manager at the time crossed Alissa’s mind, but she not so regrettably, quickly strayed. Late on rent and in need of some grocery money, she gazed around to see if anyone was looking. When she saw no one was looking she quickly slipped it into her pocket and got back to work.

Later that night, Alissa took $50 and gave it to her super. The other $50 she took to the store to stock pile on Ramen noodles, peanut butter and saltines. Alissa’s boyfriend was a big spender. Somehow Rick always gets his hands on Alissa’s money. No matter where she hid it. He went searching every time. This recent buy, where he spent the rent money, was on a mustache for their car. She just kept wondering, why? This was the last straw, she kicked him out. She decided Rick was on his own!

The next day Tasha (coworker) and Nici (the boss) were talking, well more like arguing, over the missing money Alissa had found yesterday. Alissa would have said something, but she didn’t have the money anymore and she couldn’t lose her job so she stayed quiet.

Tasha was fired because of that missing money. She left creating a big mess. Throwing down everything in her sight and stupidly said “I will be back!” with an attitude. Nici was put in a bind. Tasha was the only other manager to cover the night shift so Nici could get some rest. She knew Alissa didn’t have the required training, but she needed some help! She asked Alissa to start tonight.


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