Prompt: You glance around your office to make sure no one is looking and slip a USB drive into your shoe.
I don’t remember anything from my bachelorette party. Well, besides my small recollections of me breaking into my boss’ office to steal the USB I found next to me when I woke up. I recognized it right away. My boss has been carrying this around for weeks. When she looks at it on her computer she gets his terrible, ashamed look on her face. I’m fighting myself so hard trying not to plug this device right into my computer and going through the files.
Whether I’d use it against my boss or just hold onto these secrets and enjoy holding a smirk when I pass my boss… I know the technical RIGHT thing to do is return it, but I could use information on my boss. She needs to be put in her place, always taking advantage of anyone or anything possible. This could be my only way of knocking her down a few notches.
What am I to do. It’s wrong for me to do it, but it would be helpful to me and all of my coworkers. What to do, what to do. Which is more important, taking down my boss or my self-worth?
mon. aug. 25th, 2014

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