Entering the wrong restroom, on purpose.

“You head into the bathroom at work, walk into a stall and close the door. Moments later, as you leave the stall, you notice two people standing there and there’s one major problem: They are of the opposite sex. On the spot you make up an excuse as to why you are in their bathroom.”

Oh crap. How did I not notice I was walking into the men’s restroom and how did I especially not notice the urinals over there on the wall.
-What my probable response would be.
Or that I was coming in to clean them. Considering I’d still be in my work clothes.

➥Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t think anyone was in here. I wanted to come in and examine the urinals. Try to pee in one myself and hope I make it. But then, once I got in here, I realized that was an idiot idea and just decided to go into a stall. I know I could have moved into the other restroom at that point, but I really had to pee.
-Non-probable answer.
June 28th, 2014 11:43pm
I know that is a goofy answer, but it just calmed my nerves at the time to write and get out of my mind.

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