The perfect bullseye to end my day.

Prompt: You are walking home from work when something hits you from behind.

After an absolutely horrible day at work, I walked home to enjoy the dead silence and fresh air. I actually forgot how long the walk home really was. Thirty minutes passed and I was barely half way home. Instead of relaxing and calming down I became more agitated than I was before. I was going to call Alex and see if maybe he could pick me up, but then I remembered he was visiting his grandma and was an hour away, at least. I was better off continuing on home.

Twenty minutes later I was one street away from being home and taking a nap. I began on my street, but I noticed something strange… My neighbor’s daughter was following me home. But every time I turned around she would too and then she’d act like I wasn’t there when I’d talk to her. Noticing her carrying her nerf gun I decided to just ignore her and try to get home quickly. Unfortunately, I was not quick enough. Two feet away from my driveway Alyssa lifted her nerf gun and three. two. one. BULLSEYE. What a tremendous way to end a specifically terrible walk home.

Even a nap couldn’t make this walk any better.


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