Mon. Aug. 25th, 2014

In the coming week, I work less hours than I have almost since my first week at this job and I have my second week of school. l don’t know how I feel about either. I mean I’m upset in some ways, but I’m excited!! I’ll have more time for myself and my school work with less hours, and I get to continue to learn about things either involved in my future field of study or in what is forever going to be one of my favorite hobbies!
I was worried before this semester that I was, again, going to be fucking off, but I’m not letting this be it for me. I’m not letting my upsetting thoughts keep me from doing good for myself and my future family! God, it feels great to say that!
Speaking of my upsetting thoughts, keeping them at bay this last week was easier than I’d always thought. I didn’t feel like I really had to remind myself to be happy. I just told myself I was done being so unhappy all the time and that’s what happened! I’m not sure whether this is the way it will continue or what, but I will update on any new news.

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