Musical Curiosity

On a cold winter night a grumpy old man discovers a shocking secret. He was just walking along the street not even looking as to where he was going when ran into this gigantic piano in the street. He didn’t know what to say or do he was just so confused. “Why was there a piano in the middle of the street?” he kept asking himself. He just shook it off and began to walk around the piano when he noticed something just simply strange. The piano only had 3 keys and they didn’t look as if they were broken off it more of looked like it was made that way. But why? Why would someone make a piano and only have 3 keys. He didn’t understand why, but he had to press the keys. He hit the middle first, then the right, and then the left. The piano began to transform. The keyboard opened up like a door and the grumpy old man was curious enough that he walked through.

–> I wrote this based off a prompt I found in 365 Journal Writing Ideas by Rossi Fox. I changed it up a bit like I always do, but that is what started my writing this.

I’m really enjoying writing more again. It makes me happy so I think I’m going to buy this book and continue with it. Maybe find others as well.


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