My Life as a Truckers Girl

Being a truckers girl is a challenging, but rewarding life. I spend every second of my day right next to my world. Half my time I spend working on my online classes and the other half the time I spend playing any game I can get on my phone for entertainment. It’s exciting. When we’re stopped for the night or for a few days, we walk around or explore the area. It’s a nice way to see the world. From the different ta’s, to 20,000 different Walmart’s, and fast food restaurants of all forms. Before I left for the road I was trying my best to eat healthy and exercise, but I’m willing to give all of that up to be with my man. ♡ Anyway, I usually see something I like and must have on our exploration and I convince my boo to buy it for me. I’m not worried he might get annoyed or no longer like buying me things and paying for everything for me. I mean, he loves me, and I love him.
-> I wrote this because of a writing prompt I found off of tumblr. I didn’t take it exactly word for word because the prompt said someone you despise. I don’t really have someone I despise, but right now I’m more than annoyed with some of the choices of a friend.


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