Honesty about Happiness

Journal Prompt from 365 Journal Writing Ideas by Rossi Fox. Number One:
What does ‘happiness’ mean to you? Would you describe yourself as a naturally happy or an unhappy & worried person? Tell me about a time when you felt really happy and about a time when you made someone else feel happy.
To me happiness is the purest form of content. Being calm and collected because everything that is going on feels right. You feel secure. But I also think complete happiness is something everyone strives for, but never gets. Probably because they are pushing so hard to find/feel it. We’d do anything we can to just have 2 moments of happiness.
If I had been asked this question years ago I would say that I’m a naturally happy person. Now, I would say I’m more of an unhappy & worried person. Not because Alex makes me unhappy or anything to that extent. I don’t think I can explain why or what I feel, but it doesn’t feel happy.

I can’t describe the last time I felt truly happy or made someone else happy. Either it hasn’t happened in a while or I just can’t remember.

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