The Future Untitled

Stress levels that are so hard to maintain.
Imagining my future going right down the drain.
I don’t know where to step or even which direction to head in.
I’m terrified every second,
going to screw up everything through the simplest mistake.

Not even trying, but lose everything in my sights.
Blinded by the constant nothing, but bright lights.
Pressured to do my absolute best,
And failing to live up to the test.

I’m not ready to face this on my own.
But no one can help me when it comes to this.
So I stumble around lost,
Tripping on every bump and crack.

So here I am fighting giving in.
The stress in my life begins to pin.
I need to find a new reason to push forward.
To fight past the constant horror.

-A.Brooke ♥

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