Over-stated Advice

Never left alone.
Wishing I had a clone.
I don’t want to listen to this.
The constant slur of your temporary bliss.

Not even a week in and you’re “in love.”
He’s an angel god sent from above.
But yet you fight like no other.
Because of the tragedies he encountered from another.

You delete anything he’s bothered by.
While he sits back you always try.
Fighting for a relationship so young.
Telling me half of it was “just a slip of the tongue.”

You can’t help yourself you say.
You’ve always done it and “change’ll take more than a day.”
And now we’re a month in and nothings changed.
And for him, your whole life is rearranged.

Stop giving me lies.
About all of your pitiful tries.
All I see is excuses.
And constant explanation of your loses.

4-29-14 2:01am


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